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Juta - Abudelauri lakes

Service Description

The optimal time to go on a tour is between 15 June- 30 October

Route difficulty: medium

Trail length: 10 KM

Duration: 1 day

Tour duration: 10 hours

Price includes Guide and Horses.

Price does not include: Meal

We offer you a 1-Day Horse Riding in majestic mountains!. The route starts in the village of Juta and goes to Abudelauri lakes A Magical, mysterious place, home of Khevsuretian Gods, with a view to a spectacular Chiukhi Mountain, The Abudelauri lakes are situated in far north of the eastern part of Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 2500m in alpine zones at the foot of the Chiukhi Massif. Lots of legends and myths are connected to these lakes. The Abudelauri lakes are of transitive colors: one is colorless (green in photos, due to its surroundings) where you can camp, the second is blue and very beautiful and the last one is white like milk- due to glacier – from the white lake newborn river starts. All of the lakes are different from each other and has it uniqueness. Lake is surrounded by mountains and unevenly places stones, which you can climb and take an amazing pictures. If you own Gopro then dip it into lakes water and wonder view of color palette and old stones, which keeps mystery and legends related to them.

One of best trekking ever done from Juta village (near Kazbegi) to pass arriving to Abudelauri lakes

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